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Why me? 

Simply because I coach through playing and life experiences! 

My playing and coaching experiences have taught me great lessons that I want to pass along to those I coach! It is more than a game. If I do not coach you to see life lessons through the sessions, I will have failed you.  



Passion for Soccer

I have been a student of the game, both as a player and a coach, here in America and abroad. I was raised in Kenya where I fell in love with football/soccer at the age of five. I ate, slept, and dreamt football 24/7. As a player, I had the privilege of playing at various levels, and it is through these experiences that led me to become a coach. The one thing all players dread happened to me. In my case, it was a kidney injury after colliding with a goalkeeper. The most important part about the whole injury was I scored!  While the injury changed my playing path, it certainly didn’t change my passion for and involvement in the game. As a coach, I have been fortunate and blessed with the opportunities to coach in different places and levels.


Fun, thought provoking, and developmental technical and tactical sessions done at a high level. 

   My Services

I offer well equipped sessions that provide the player an opportunity to become the best they can be.

1on1 Session

  • 1 on 1 
  • Specifically just for you. 
  • Maximum time.
  • 100% attention to your needs, ability, and goals.
  • Very high expectations. 
  • Be challenged past your assumed limits. 


Small Group (2-4 players) Sessions

  • 4-5 players in a session.
  • Get to experience high level training with added challenge and competition.
  • Constant involvement.
  • Rate yourself against those training at the same level or better. 

Big Group (5+ players) Session

  • You and your friends in a high level training.
  • Learn to succeed as a group. 
  • Adjust and apply your game in a practical environment.
  • Challenge and advance your personal goals in a competitive environment. 

Next level training (Invites only!)

  • Fun is included!
  • Quality demand from coach and yourself. 
  • Not your every day drills and skills. 
  • Push the limits for excellence, drive, and self expectations.

“Coach Kimani is the best. Ever since I started with him, I have become a little star.”

– Maxwell, Player

“Coach Johnny is the man for the job! He is a man of character, caring and competence.”

– Dr. Calvin Lamar Brown, Sr, Parent

“I plan to continue to train with him even during my college years because he has made a huge impact on me as a player and a person.”

– Ryan Skall, Player

 Necessary Stats

 Coaching Experience

9+ Years  of coaching experience

private coaching

Club coaching experience

DI High school Coaching experience

Kenya U17 National team coaching experience

Players Coached 

Over 200 players coached

High school players

Academy players

College level players

National team players

Pro players


Teams & Clubs


Kenya  U17 Men National Team

Magnificat High School

Shaker Heights HS

Ambassadors FC

Rosslyn Academy




I believe in excellence and professionalism. I want to help players realize their potential, make huge strides, reach the next part of their desired soccer career, improve their confidence, and take them through a training that helps them understand what it takes to be at the next level.

I train all my players with respect and dignity regardless of their gender, race, culture background/ethnicity, and their economic status. Over the years, I have learned that the game came easy to me because of those I interacted with. It is important for me to train my players and teach them to take not only the technical and tactical lessons from the sessions, but more importantly, the life lessons to sustain them for the rest of their lives. I hope that long after you are done playing or training with me, you will remember important things that meant so much to you and shaped you into the person you want to be. 

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