Different seasons, same training qualities and demands

I DO NOT coach club soccer, but devote my coaching experience to my technical training. I encourage players to train with as many other trainers/coaches around your area as you can. We are all different! You will get a feel of what you are looking for and make your decision. I have massive respect for those who coach like me. At the end of the day, we are all here to make our trainees better!

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Fall Sessions

I coach High School Soccer at Magnificat. My Fall sessions are usually on the weekends as I am in season with my high school team. I am also a full-time teacher at Magnificat High School.

  • Mostly on the weekends
  • Great weather 
  • Mid August-Mid November

Winter Sessions


  • Mostly at the Force Sports Westlake and Force Sports in Rocky River and Westlake.
  • Mid November-End of March 

 Spring Sessions

  • Held at magnificat High School
  • End of March-end of May


Summer Sessions

  • Held at Magnificat High School
  • Beginning of June – Mid August