“Coach Johnny started coaching by my two sons eight years ago when they were nine and 11, respectively. Three words describe why I continue to choose him as a coach –character, caring and competent. First, Coach Johnny is a man of godly character. I trust my sons under his care. He models the character qualities my wife and I have been building into our sons over the years, in speech, attitude and behavior. We understand the power of a teacher and coach, and that the student will become like the teacher/coach, at least in some ways. Coach Johnny sets an example in speech, attitude and behavior my wife and I embrace for our sons. Second, he cares for my sons. He takes the time to ask questions, listen and probe what is in their hearts about their hopes, dreams and passions. He cares about what is going on in their lives because he understands the connection between mental, spiritual and emotional health and physical performance. I can say that he loves my boys and that he seeks to draw out the best in them as a person and as a player. Third, Coach Johnny is competent. He has played and coached at a high level. He is a student of the game and continues to invest in his personal development. I have been impressed by his soccer knowledge and how he can hold in-depth conversations with my sons about teams and players, both past and present. On the pitch, he develops personalized training sessions specifically for my son according his strengths, development areas, playing position and skill level. Finally, it is without reservation I recommend Coach Johnny for your son or daughter, no matter what age or skill level they are. If they desire to be the best they can be and they are willing to work hard, then Coach Johnny is the man for the job! He is a man of character, caring and competence. “

Dr. Calvin Lamar Brown, Sr.

“Our family met Johnny when he returned the US to take on the head coaching position at Shaker Heights High School. Before the first season started, he was communicating with the girls regarding his coaching methods and plans for players to meet their team and individual goals. He then even began taking his personal time to travel long distances to scout our daughter and other players during club games, and provided them feedback to help them improve. Needless to say, Johnny’s devotion and positivity earned our respect at the outset, and he quickly became a friend to our family and a mentor to our daughter over the next few years. It was only natural that our daughter went on to train with him personally as well. This format allowed him to better teach her as a “whole” player, starting with fitness and personal responsibility, professional technical drilling to master skills and, perhaps most importantly, high-level game strategy, team shape, movement and use of space. His training drastically accelerated her learning curve and development, especially as to her soccer intelligence and understanding the game. With Johnny’s energy and direction, she was able to set and achieve her goal of earning an athletic scholarship to play soccer in college at the Division I level.”

David Skall

“We are big fans of private training with Johnny Kimani. Under Johnny’s guidance, we saw our daughter really improve as a soccer player. Her fitness, foot-skills and game IQ took a huge leap forward as a result of training with Johnny. Most importantly, we saw her confidence grow. What a great coach!”

Robyn & Bert Smyers

“My daughter had the privilege of having Johnny as her club coach when she was in middle school on a mixed 04/05 team. His practices were always well planned, masterly run and he kept the players constantly moving to maximize their time together and grow as a team. He was a very dedicated coach. My daughter also trained privately with Johnny over the summer in preparation of her first High School season and these sessions were just as organized as his team sessions. Johnny always knew the areas to work on with her to maximize her strengths and push her through her deficits. Although he has since moved away, we will always make time to have him train our daughter when he returns for visits. Not only do we love Johnny, but his passion and exuberance for coaching shines through when he is working with his players. More importantly, our daughter loves training and being pushed by him and his love of the sport is contagious. He makes her want to be the best player she can be!”

Lysa C.E. Brown